Gregorians of North America, Inc. (GNA) is a 501c(3) tax exempt organization and registered in the State of Delaware.

GNA provides a platform to bring the collective resources of all current and past students of St. Gregory’s High School and College of Dhaka Bangladesh (St. Gregory’s) towards fulfilling the following goals:

  1. develop a vibrant Gregorian alumni community in the USA to network with each other and assist the professional development of alumni;
  2. promote and enhance the welfare and interests of St. Gregory’s and its alumni;
  3. identify specific needs of St. Gregory’s and provide the needed resources that may include scholarships, and teaching and learnings tools;
  4. identify projects which could assist Bangladesh to achieve its full potential using the Gregorian alumni network; and, 
  5. collaborate with other Gregorian organizations (e.g., TGS, TGA, GACL) for mutual benefit.

GNA Board of Directors (Founding)

Chairman - Faisal M. Rahman ‘63
Co-ChairmanAmbassador Osman Siddique ‘66
TreasurerMd. Niamat Elahee ‘82
General Secretary - Wahid Shams ‘88

Members -
Jude Gomez ‘72
Mohammad Naquibuddin ‘78
Kaiser Haque  ‘79
Azder Ahmed  ‘81
Ashraful Amin (Lipu)  ‘87
Atif Saadi  ‘93
Md. Enzam Hossain  ‘05

Our History

  • 1st Discussion Meeting

    Dec 2021
  • GNA Inc. formed

    Jan 2022
  • 1st GNA Alumni Meet

    July 2022
  • GNA Website

    July 2022
  • 501c(3) Registered

    April 2023

Gregorians All around the Globe

Gregorians All around the Globe